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Aluminum boat and pontoon repair

Aluminum fishing boats and pontoons are a staple in the marine industry.  They are known for their strength and ability to repair if needed. We understand how important your boat is to you and will give it the care it deserves. Hit something with your boat pontoon? Log in the water, the occasional dock or run up the rocks? Transom Work? We can fix it.

  • Transom Repairs

  • Aluminum Weld Repair

  • Boat Rivet Repair

  • Aluminum Boat Painting

  • Boat Buffing

  • Hull Repair

  • Hull Puncture

  • Leak Diagnosis and Repair

  • Trailer Bunk Replacement

  • Boat Re-Carpeting

We also specialize in Warranty Work for all major fishing and pontoon boat companies. Tracker Boats, Lund Boats, Alumacraft Boats, Crestliner Boats, G3 Boats, Sunchaser Pontoons, Sylvan Pontoons, Regency Pontoons, Bennington Pontoons, Harris Pontoons, Godfrey Pontoons, AquaPatio Pontoons, SanPan Pontoons, Barletta Pontoons, Premier Pontoons, SouthBay Pontoons, SunCruiser Pontoons, and much more! Contact us today or your local dealer to begin your warranty authorization process.

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